Top 10 Brands of Armoire that You Must Have in Your Bedroom

The perfect blend of function and form, an armoireis one of the most practical storage solutionsthat serve in the form of an accent while keeping regular tits bits and accessories handy yet hidden from sight. Bedroom armoires are available in different materials, shapes, finishes and sizes to beautifully blend in with the existing home décor. It is important for you to consider your storage requirements, space and budget when making the choice of a bedroom armoire. Irrespective of the fact that whether you are looking for a graceful place for holding your entertainment accessories or an extra closet space for storing all-purpose essentials, armoires can always be adapted to almost any room in the house.

Choosing the Best bedroom Armoire from the Top 10 Brands of Armoires

The brands that make their way to the list of the top 10 brands of bedroom armoiresare the ones that boast of beautiful craftsmanship. They are brands that are known for designing stunning focal points in rooms by manufacturing some of the best bedroom armoires. If you have a traditional home with a lot of classic wooden furniture then look out for armoires with inlaid moulding, paneling, brass fixtures and glass doors so that it blends with the existing décor theme of your abode.

However, if you have a modern space then look out for armoires in sleek designs, synthetic materials and clean lines. It is also important for you to consider the size and the number of drawers in the unit prior to purchasing a bedroom armoire.  For making your search a bit more convenient for you, here are the details of the top 10 brands of bedroom armoires:

Hives and Honey 9006-981 Traditional Jewelry Armoire with Mirror

An ideal traditional bedroom armoire for almost any woman, this is a Hives and Honey favorite. The length of this armoire is 38 inches and it features a total of seven pull out drawers showcasing anti-tarnish felt. This is called the Antoinette Jewelry Armoire consisting of divided compartments, a couple of side panel doors and ring rolls. There are necklace hooks in the side panel doors. This armoire has been specifically designed for storing different pieces of jewelry in the most exquisite manner. To top off all its features, the top of this armoire opens to a vanity mirrors that can be used for getting ready for social events and parties.

Rich and Royal Finish

Complete with a royal walnut finish, this elegant bedroom armoire feels and looks like heaven. The divided drawers can be used for storing small items in the most organized manner. There is even a locking lid that allows valuable to remain safely hidden from sight. It is one of those furniture pieces that you must have in your bedroom for making it appear elegant and graceful while having to serve a function at the same time.

Hives and Honey 6006-723 Cabby Fully Locking Jewelry Armoire

Bedroom Armoires

Have you long been in the look out of a bedroom armoire that locks up completely? If this is the case then the Hives and Honey Cabby Full Locking Jewelry Armoire would serve as the best option for you. This is a type of furniture piece that will fill you with excitement when it is about dressing up for an event. It is not just beautiful but offer storage solution of the best quality. It is an armoire that allows you to neatly organize all your accessories such as earrings, rings and necklaces in the most perfect manner.

Unlimited Options of Storage

The color of this bedroom armoire is crisp white and it perfectly complements the antiqued finish of the product. The interiors of this unit are fully lined in natural attractive linen. The doors are in French style with bronze hardware. They open up to reveal a total of seven compartmentalized storage drawers. There is a hinged lid on the top that lifts to an easy to use mirror along with added storage space. The sides of the armoire feature 16 necklace hooks. All in all, this is one of the best bedroom armoires offering a lot of space within and the storage options with this product are literally endless.

Maginels Portable Multi Function Bedroom Armoire

This is a highly durable and portable bedroom armoire that comes with thin and light panels. Though it is a lightweight bedroom armoires, it offers greater weight capacity in comparison to the other normal portable storage options available in the market. The unit has been made using top quality resin composite material and features steel frame to ensure that each hanging section or cube is able to support weight up to 22 lbs. The multi-angle connectors of this armoire can be attached very easily and this makes installation a breeze for the users. Installing this unit is much easier than installing the normal wood furniture available in the market.

Customizable Structure and Easy Maintenance

Bedroom Armoires

This is one of the best bedroom armoires that allow their users to make customizable styles and designs to suit different rooms or spaces. The doors of this product are highly convenient and they can even be tied together using cable ties. The doors feature hole handles for proper circulation of air and for the prevention of odor build up. You can use this storage armoire for storing almost anything from skirts, t-shirts and shoes to toys, Barbie dolls and hats. In these present times when people are busy with their work and life schedules, this armoire comes a simple piece of furniture that saves much cleaning time that can be used for some kind of entertainment.

Langria Mirrored Jewelry Armoire

Complete revolution has arrived in the form of the 42 inches long and full-length mirrored armoire from Langria. This might appear to you as a simple and chic furniture but it actually showcases the best secret that a woman can ever dream of- a jewelry cabinet. This is the right unit for you to get all your valuables and jewelry in one perfect place where you will get then untangled and in the most pristine condition. This is a gorgeous armoire from Langria that can spruce up the appearance and the feel of your bedroom. Black fabric lining has been used for making the interiors of this product. This helps in preventing jewelry from getting damaged or scratched.

Well-Made and Stylish

The armoire has proper space for necklaces, earrings and rings. Furthermore, you can also use it for keeping your makeup essentials and other small and big accessories in one place. This is a product that will surely make your regular routine of getting ready for work faster and easier. The unit even features a lock so that you can remain assured of the fact that all your valuables are secure and there is no added protection required. Last but not the least; it comes with an adjustable mirror with three tilting positions. So, you get the option of choosing your favorite angle for getting a better view.

InnerSpace Luxury Products Space Saver Mirrored Jewelry Armoire

Bedroom Armoires

You can save a considerable amount of table space simply by storing all your valued possessions in the InnerSpace Space Saver Mirrored Jewelry Armoire. This is one unit that will keep all your jewelry organized and even out of sight of unauthentic individuals. You can mount the unit on a wall or even hang it on a door, the choice is always yours. The unit comes with all mounting hardware for making it easier and convenient for the users to install the product the way they want and start using it as soon as possible. It comes with the capacity of holding 30 necklaces and 91 rings along with a good number of bracelets.

Space Saving and Compact Storage Solution

One of the best features of this bedroom armoire is its front facing mirror that helps you in getting ready for special occasions. The magnetized door clasp helps in preventing bangs and minor accidents. Considering the exclusive features that the Space Saver Mirrored Jewelry Armoire comes with, it can rightly be concluded that it is probably one of the most efficient and useful bedroom armoires presently available in the market. 

Solid Wood Family Wardrobe/Armoire/Closet 5966 by Palace Imports

Standing 60 inches tall, the Family Armoire by Palace Imports is the largest armoire available from the company. As is suggested by the name, it is a piece of furniture that does not just serve you but your entire family. The main feature of this product is its two side compartments that come with clothing rods at the top for hanging long coats and dresses. The middle section of the armoire can easily be used for hanging short pieces. There are no shelves available with this unit but if you require extra storage space then, as a user, you get the option of using eight small and three large adjustable shelving units for storing folded garments. You will find a three-drawer mini-chest right in the middle of the armoire for storing smaller items.

A Matching Piece of Furniture in the Bedroom

Bedroom Armoires

The functionality of this unit is enhanced by its appealing aesthetics and its wooden construction. The unit is available in handpainted pine finish which is practically knot-free and silky smooth. You can get the model in four different finishes to match the interiors of your abode. Being available in different shades, it is sure to practically match pieces of furniture in different designs and colors in your bedroom.   

Blissun Jewelry Cabinet Armoire

This is a wall mounted or over door jewelry storage armoire that securely mounts a 4-6cm thick door. The unit is available in three adjustable heights and you can even mount it on a wall. This is one of the best features or you can say a space saving effect offered by the product. You will get the hardware needed for both door and wall mount installations and thus there is nothing to worry about. Another great feature of this product is its full length mirror that helps you in checking yourself and your outfit when trying to get ready for a special occasion. The mirror offers improved performance and can effectively be used for viewing outfits and for applying makeup.

Large Storage Potential and Modern Design

Luxurious and classy, this is one of the best bedroom armoires made of durable and string MDF. The interior of this armoire features soft black velvet lining for protecting the valuables from getting damaged. It also features a lock for keeping everything safe and secure. One of the most noteworthy features of this armoire is its large storage capacity. It is only because of its storage capacity that this product is highly preferred by individuals. It can store 12 necklaces in one place. Also it comes with 5 lined shelving units, 3 cubbies, one pocket, one adjustable shelving unit and four bracelet rings. Additionally, you can store 27 pairs of earrings and 66 rings in this armoire.

Megafuture Portable Wardrobe for Hanging Clothes and Armoire

Bedroom Armoires

Curly patterned black and pure white closed doors are what make this product one of the best bedroom armoires presently available in the market. It is a unit that will go a long way in making your home look neat and clean. The high quality ABS connector and steel frame can ideally meet sturdy and long shelf-life requirements of the users.

GentleShower 2005-678 Cabinet with Mirror Jewelry Storage Armoire

With this unit, you will get unworried storage space in your home and that too without having to spend a huge amount of money. It comes with 2 side compartments, five pull out drawers and one top drawer for storing both small and large accessories.

Cloud Mountain Pink Jewelry Armoire

This is a space saving and safe armoire that offers elegant color and sophisticated setting to the bedroom. Durable and strong wood has been used for making this unit and this speaks in the long shelf-life that it offers to its users.

If you really think that you cannot do without an armoire then carry out your search for the best bedroom armoires now and choose the one that suits your home décor and functionality.

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