Top 10 Bedroom Armoire Having Mirror You Should Buy

If you are same as all other women then you might be in the habit of storing your jewelry, beauty effects and other accessories in a box on the dresser or somewhere within a drawer. This might be perfectly okay and normal but if the same things are stowed in a stylish manner in a bedroom armoire with mirror, it would bring out a dramatic effect in your home.

The Top 10 Picks in Bedroom Armoires with Mirrors Category

Bedroom Armoires with Mirrors

Bedroom armoires with mirrors tend to be a bit expensive in comparison to the conventional jewelry boxes and containers but there are many women who are accustomed to using these products in their bedrooms mainly because they are charming and durable at the same time. They help you in organizing your belongings like chains and bangles and other valuable possessing neatly in your bedroom. Good quality bedroom armoires are spacious and versatile as well. They double up in the form of dressing mirrors and help the users in getting ready for social events and work. However, in order to use this piece of furniture in the most efficient manner, it is important that you make the right choice. Here are the top 10 picks that you can go for when it comes to choosing the best bedroom armoires with mirrors:

Songmics LED Jewelry Cabinet Lockable Jewelry Armoire with Full Length Mirror

This is a two-in-one jewelry armoire with mirrorthat will help you in integrating the functions of a jewelry cabinet and the vanity table. It features an in-built makeup mirror, 9 brush and eyebrow pencil slots, bright LED light strip and flip-over cosmetic tray. The LED light strip of this unit is 39.4 inches in length and consists of 95 LED bulbs surrounding the ring cushion and the makeup mirror. This makes the rings shine while helping the users to makeup when they have a look in the mirror. It has black velvet lined interiors for protecting your collection from getting damaged and scratched. There is a magnetized door clasp for added safety.

Beautiful Mirrored Jewelry Armoire

Bedroom Armoires with Mirrors

Featuring a highly versatile door and wall mountable system along with a very spacious design with both internal and external mirrors, this is probably one of the most functional bedroom armoires with mirrors. It is an indoor accessory that comes with an aesthetic appeal and a design theme that perfectly blends in modern interiors. Specifically designed to store more than 44 rings and 72 pairs of earrings, this is a spacious armoire that offers three shelving units enabling the users to categorize their jewelry collection by type. There are eight hooks that come fitted with this unit on its internal door offering ample storage for chains and other accessories. The large drawer offers a lot of space for storing larger accessories like hair dryers and curlers. The drawers have been specially crafted for added stability. 

Songmics Lockable Standing Jewelry Armoire

As is suggested by the name, this is a free-standing bedroom jewelry armoire with mirror. It serves as one of the sturdiest bedroom accessoriesfeaturing lockable doors for added safety. Made using white painted MDF with lined interiors for complete protection; this is a durable, spacious and lightweight unit featuring 48 earring holes, 78 earring slots, five shelving units, two bottom drawers and 35 necklace hooks. It comes with original glass mirror that is clear and large and serves to be perfect for grooming and dressing in perfect lighting conditions. The in-built LED light that is battery-powered offers easy access to all the stored accessories and personals. The wall mountable design of this unit and its doors can be set up very easily using standard devices.

Hives and Honey Cheval Jewelry Armoire (With Mirror)

One of the most important features of the Hives and Honey Cheval Jewelry Armoire with mirror is its strong wooden construction that will offer your bedroom a sophisticated appearance. The large beveled mirror of this unit is perfect for grooming requirements. It is a premium quality and probable one of the best bedroom armoires with mirrors featuring a rick walnut finish that perfectly blends in almost all homes with varied décor themes. For the ones who have very little space in their abodes, this model has been carefully designed and is not just durable but comes with novel fittings that every individual will enjoy.

Bars and Hooks for Added Storage

Yet another attractive feature of this mirrored armoire from Hives and Honey is its wooden earring bar that is quite strong and has been specifically designed for securing several earrings at a time. The unit features a total of 22 necklace hooks made of good quality metal. Even these hooks work very well while granting sufficient space for the storage of loved necklaces. With this unit in place, there is no need for you to worry about your possessions getting damaged or scratched because of the polished interiors. Also, their value will not decrease with time.

Organizedlife Mirrored Jewelry Armoire

Bedroom Armoires with Mirrors

The Organizedlife mirrored jewelry armoire will help you take your jewelry organization activity to the next level mainly because of the exclusive features that it comes loaded with. Made using top quality wood, this mirrored jewelry armoire is aesthetically appealing and durable at the same time. It has a very enticing and warm appearance and is therefore appreciated as one of the best bedroom armoires with mirrors. The floor standing design of this unit is strong and features a full length vanity mirror.

Well-Finished Interiors

The interiors of this armoire have been done and finished very well. They have a black finish and offer sufficient storage for necklaces, bracelets, earrings and different beauty essentials. Dissimilar to the other models available in the same category, this is one mirrored armoirethat provides a four-level system that is fully adjustable and boosts the convenience of using the product. It also comes with a lock that helps in protecting personal belongings from unauthentic access.

Mirrotek Beauty Armoire

Considered ideal for the storage of jewelry, beauty accessories and makeup essentials, this mirrored armoire from Mirrotek is one of the most versatile bedroom armoires with mirrors. It serves in the form of a wooden organizer that comes with a stylish body in white and is highly durable at the same time. The shelving units of this system have been finished very well and are undivided for accommodating larger accessories like nail polishes. There are even semi shelving units that serve to be perfect for the storage of eye shadows. The unit also features a fully dedicated bottle shelving unit that is highly advantageous for women who find it difficult to find space for storing their shampoo bottles and hair sprays safely. This US-made armoire is a full length mirrored product that people will love to use.

Plaza Astoria Wall/Door-Mount Jewelry Armoire

If you are simply tired of going about storing your valuable possessions and jewelry on tabletops and in boxes where they are fully susceptible to damages and scratches then this is the time for you to go for the Plaza Astoria Door and Wall Mountable Jewelry Armoire for the bedroom. This is a highly functional and stylish storage unit that will give your bedroom an aesthetic appeal while giving you the right solution for storing all your valuables. It is a product that you will love to use on a regular basis. The main feature of this unit is its flip-over cosmetic tray with LED light strip. This is a setting that offers you a kind of vanity table for dressing up in the most beautiful manner. 

Impeccable Design and Structure

Bedroom Armoires with Mirrors

Plaza Astoria is one of the best bedroom armoires with mirrors featuring a contemporary-looking stylish white theme. The design and the structure of this armoire are simply impeccable. It features a door and wall mounting mirror that is large and quite fun to use. The armoire offers a huge amount of space for storing around 96 rings, 48 earrings and 36 necklaces along with hoops, clips, hanging and stud models. There is a large drawer at the bottom that can be used for organizing larger items such as handbags, hair dryers and jewelry boxes. With this unit in place, there is no need for you to look around in an impatient manner when you are in need of your accessories and jewelries. You can easily and quickly get hold of them in this armoire.

SONGMICS 8 LEDS Jewelry Cabinet Armoire with Beveled Edge Mirror

Completely different from the regular contemporary slim armoires available in the market, the Songmics 8 LEDs jewelry armoire with mirror comes with retro thick hooks that are strong enough for holding a large number of necklaces. The unit has got enough space for accommodating all kinds of jewelry no matter what you have. Having this armoire with mirrorat home will save you from going through the hassle of searching for tangled or mixed up necklaces and loose earrings. It also serves as one of the most amazing gifts for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Thanksgiving and Mother’s Day.

Exclusive Features of the Product

There are eight LED lights that come with auto on feature when the mirror is opened. These LED lights give the armoire a very beautiful appearance. They also help the users in choosing their jewelry easily and quickly. The unit also comes with a lock that keeps everything safe and out of the reach of children. The beveled edge mirror of this armoire is another attractive feature of this product. It is made using top quality glass and serves as one of the best additions to rooms with elegant brown décor themes. The unit features 40 slant earring holes, 6 drawers, 18 necklace hooks, 4 earring wires, 48 ring slots, scarf rod and 13 different compartments for organizing jewelry collection and for preventing it from tangles.

Giantex Jewelry Armoire Chest Cabinet Organizer

The Giantex Jewelry Armoire Chest Cabinet Organizer is one of the most popular bedroom armoires with mirrors sold in the year 2018.Perfect in its quality and structure, this is one of the mist cost-effective bedroom armoires with mirrors presently available in the market. It has grabbed the eyeballs of the customers mainly because of its antique and exclusive design and style. The fact that this armoire offers a lot of storage space also makes it one of the best bedroom mirrored armoires available in the market. The unit features two side doors and seven drawers that can effectively be used for storing both small and large items in the most efficient manner.

Your Best Friend in the Bedroom

Bedroom Armoires with Mirrors

If you love dressing up for social events and even for regular work then this armoire from Giantex will serve as your best friend. It has been specifically designed for women who have this intense need of organized and neat storage for their accessories and valuables. This is one of the most elegant pieces of bedroom furniture that comes with a lift-top lid with divided and lined compartments for keeping everything in orderly fashion.

Bargaintrooper Mirrored Jewelry Armoire

This is a black-themed bedroom armoire with mirrors that offers a functional mirror design and is ideal for storing bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings. The full-size mirror of this unit is durable and large and features a tilting design for making it easier for the users to have complete coverage. The paint of this unit is chip proof while being eco-friendly at the same time. 

Dark Brown Bargaintrooper Mirrored Jewelry Armoire

For the ones who are simply in love with dark home décor, the Dark Brown Bargaintrooper mirrored Jewelry Armoire would be the perfect selection. This is one of the best bedroom armoires with mirrors that will surely improve the appearance of your bedroom.


While there are many individuals who do not like to use bedroom armoires with mirrorsthere are others who love having these pieces of furniture is their homes simply because they lend a classic appeal to the interiors of an abode.

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