So you’ve set the date, and your wedding is going to happen. All you need to do now is organize your special day. Easy right? No, in all honesty, your wedding could be the most stressful day of your life. Now before you panic and have a meltdown, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Christine, and I love weddings, I have been into planning weddings for years. If you want the wedding of your dreams, then I can help you make this happen. I cannot promise you will not stress, and I cannot guarantee that everyone will fall in line with what you want, but I can help you navigate through these issues and help you put certain people in their place who should be minding their own business.

Let’s face it okay; it is the bride who will plan most of the wedding, with a lot of help from her bridesmaids one would hope. The groom usually wants very little to do with choosing which flowers to have, the bridesmaids dresses, the catering and even what he will wear. I cannot speak for every groom, but most grooms don’t get bent out of shape about planning the wedding unless you are over your budget, then your man might want to have a say. Men are rational creatures, so this is fine, and you will need to negotiate these waters with your fiance. You do not want to be fighting over money on the eve of your big day.

Your fiance will probably not stress out about having the perfect wedding, and the fact he will not be stressed is to your advantage. He will be able to keep you grounded and offer you support and a venting session if things are getting tricky with family members. Even though you will be organizing a lot of stuff without his help. He might surprise you and offer his input if he does you can enlist his assistance in choosing the venue and ask him to choose a DJ or Band. He will also be happy to help navigate rigid family member who sticks their noses in where they shouldn’t. You might be dealing with family or parents wanting your wedding to be in a church or outdoor reception. Parents can demand all sorts of things, and your fiancé’ can help deal with them.

If you mother or father are insisting that a particular relative is a bridesmaid, then this is a situation where you will need to put your foot down. I can advise you here on how to stop World War III from breaking out over your wedding planning. If they are paying for the wedding, this can be tricky. But keep this in mind, this is your wedding, not theirs. I can talk you off the ledge and help you not to rip all of your hair out before you walk down the aisle.

I have many wedding ideas that you will find unique and different. If you want a unique wedding that will be a day everyone who attends will remember, then you have landed on the right page. You are going to feel like screaming, crying and throwing a literal tantrum before crawling into your bed and under the covers, vowing never to come out and telling everyone to get out and leave you alone. Situations like this will occur if you are doing most of this alone with nothing but pressure from everyone else. You will wonder if this beautiful, unique wedding is worth all the drama and be tempted to drag your fiancé down to city hall or escape somewhere and elope.

This is where I come in. I will remind you that your wedding and life with your future husband is worth it. In saying that, I will respect your choice if it is too much and you and your fiancé do decide to elope. If I am convinced you are serious, I will not try to talk you out of it. The point is you will get through this with your sanity intact; I can help you with that. I can also recommend caterers, venues, celebrants, photographers and everything that you need to create your dream wedding.

Anything to do with weddings is available on this blog; I can help you deal with your parents who are insisting on a church wedding, or in-laws who are pushing you to have a certain relative in the wedding party. I will show you how to deal with all of the drama that has you wanting to hide under your doona and forget you ever accepted his proposal. I have collected many ideas and wedding tips over the years, and unique wedding ideas are my specialty.

You will be inundated with ideas from everyone bar your two-year-old niece. This might not sit well with you as you may already have an idea of the kind of wedding you want, but you need help to see that it happens, and everything works out perfectly. The perfect, dream wedding is possible. However, the reality is that something things do go wrong. I will prepare you for certain events that might occur that are out of your control. This is something you should accept before starting to plan. You may well end up having your perfect, dream wedding day go off without a hitch (pun intended) and prove me wrong, but it is better to prepare for something to go amiss, given all the details that need to be carefully planned when it comes to planning your dream wedding.

The people who put forward their suggestions with a “no pressure” comment or “just to let you know” are the most annoying of all. Usually, when someone says “no pressure,” they want you to use their idea. So thank them politely and do things your way. Keep in mind; it is your day, not theirs. Your brother may well want his two-year-old daughter to be a flower girl, despite the fact that two is a little young for that role; be firm and say no. You might not want a flower girl, I mean let’s face it, a pretty, cute girl will get attention, and the focus should be on you and how beautiful you look. This is merely my opinion, however, and the choice of flower girls and page boys are up to you. I just believe that kids don’t belong to a wedding party unless they are old enough to be bridesmaids.

Choosing a photographer when everyone is suggesting someone they know can be a challenge, you want the best, this is your wedding, and the photos need to be perfect. Choosing the caterer can be a trip to hell because their menus are the same. I can show you how to do this the easy way. Picking a venue or church. This is also time-consuming and a pain in the rear. If you are marrying in a church, this might be an easy one, especially if the minister knows you. But you need a venue to hold the reception. This is where I can help with advice on how to choose the right place, the easy way.

Are you ignoring your phone when your parents or his parents call because you are sick and tired of talking about the wedding? Are you at the point where you just don’t want to plan one more thing and just stay in your nice warm bed with its fantastic Aireloom mattress? You might have relatives or friends who are in the bridal party who refuse to attend the rehearsal dinner. Do what a friend of mine did, sack that person from the bridal party. A friend of mine had a disagreeable bridesmaid who did not get along with the groom. My friend told her she was no longer needed and chose another bridesmaid. The shock on this challenging bridesmaid’s face was priceless, but it had to be done.

You are going to be moody, frustrated and be fed up with choosing colors and decorations for the reception, like chair covers and all of those beautiful details, like seating arrangements, decorating the bridal table, choosing music for the bridal waltz, cutting the cake, and then you have to choose the cake. You will be sick of these details before too long and will be wanting to hand all of this over to someone else to organize. I can help you with this, and ensure that you stay sane at least until your wedding day.

I can also advise you on how to motivate the groom to pitch in more to help organize things. He can start by being responsible for what he is wearing on the day. Obviously, it will probably be you who picks the colors, but he can pick up his tuxedo or whatever for the big day and organize his accessories such as his shoes, tie and also the outfits his groomsmen are wearing. He will also need to arrange the flowers for his button hole and flowers for his groomsmen. Give this responsibility to him.

I have covered many things that go into wedding planning, and the one thing I have not mentioned is your dress. Everyone always says it is all about the dress. I don’t find this to be true. Yes, your dress is important, probably one of the most important things, and when it comes to your dress, this can be a literal disaster as you will be contending with everyone’s opinions again. Your mother might want you to wear a dress that has been in the family for years, and you don’t want to. This can turn into a war of words right there. I can help you to stay calm and give you some tips on how to tell Mom that you want to wear a dress that you choose as gently as possible. She might back down right there, but if not, then you may need to take the firmer stand.

Choosing your dress is the one thing about your wedding that is yours alone. No one should be interfering, in my opinion. Remember what I said earlier, this is your day, you only intend on doing this once, so you want a unique wedding, a wedding that will be remembered forever, and this is your right as a bride. Bridezillas be damned. Be a total Bridezilla if it helps you to get the wedding you want. Your fiancé will understand, he loves you. You will probably both look back at your dream wedding day and have a good laugh, along with loving and fond memories.

What you have just read is only scratching the surface on the advice and help I can offer you. So take a good look around the site and feel free to get in touch with me to answer your questions.