Dream wedding

Their dream wedding may need to be held soon, and it’s not always easy to get everything to fit together. The fact that men are from Mars and women from Venus is perhaps a cliché but nevertheless a very current cliche. For these classic gender differences, of course, also reflected when the dream wedding to be planned, and therefore you can probably as future bride also recognize several of the points in this article.

dream weddingDream Wedding?

Will I get my dream wedding?

Have you sat with the fear about your future husband I wonder would this just as much as you do, now that he does not care about the color theme? Have you banned him far away when he once again has answered with an “is up to you, dear” when you asked about his wish to board layout? And have you in the heat of time to think whether he all loves you, now that he did not have an opinion about the floral arrangements in the church? So you are definitely not alone.

Exaggeration promotes understanding of course, but nevertheless, it can seemingly lack commitment from the groom to be fertile ground for both frustration, uncertainty and irritation in a sensitive bride. And here comes the cliché so to his right, it is important to remember yourself that your future husband’s thoughts about a dream wedding can be miles away from your, maybe they even non-existent?

Princess dream

How many women have lead in their aireloom mattress and had a dream of the perfect wedding. Since they were very young, is a wedding for many men a subject that would only become relevant on the day they meet the woman in their life, so already there is you as a woman, perhaps decades advance planning. Only the gender distribution in Wedding Klan forum testify that the women are heavily over-represented as planners. Where you is natural to talk details, table plan and do-it-yourself projects more than once before the actual day, it is for him to be very elusive and incomprehensible to relate to such a long time in advance.

Princess Dream

dream weddingIn addition, it might – hand on heart – not interest him with all the details. For him, the most important thing at your wedding that he should marry his sweetheart (and hopefully also for you). But when you “grow” dream wedding and maybe experiencing the planning process as half the pleasure, he might just as well to “make do” with a casual barbecue in the garden with draft beer ad libitum and singalong?

Your common wedding needs

This does not mean that men are not for the big party, and they will not appreciate all the details once the day arrives. But it is important to have firmly established what are your needs and what are his needs and from there decide what are your needs. For after all it is easier to make demands on him and his commitment if I together have set the agenda. Maybe your girlfriend’s fine with me that the wedding will be on your own terms, and that you get your princess dreams fulfilled? But he expects maybe just that you yourself are responsible for all the planning? That way, the party be created based on your needs, but in return he will also fulfill his need is not to have to deal with the details.

If your greatest need, however, is that together you will be responsible for the planning and preparation, his needs perhaps to get as much influence on the design and details like you. But before you take the battle for involvement, it is perhaps worth making up your mind what it will mean in practice. Because even though you theoretically want you to plan the wedding together down to the smallest details, so spacious, if he suddenly has a different opinion than you, and you will have to compromise on things that are very important to you?

Good advice for the bride

Regardless of how you and your husband-cess, we would like to help you with some concrete advice to get the best out of your situation. A positive attitude and focus on the benefits of your tactics undoubtedly gives a better experience. A half full glass always tastes better than a half empty.

Wedding day

Give your man’s influence in your wedding planning

Choose your battles wisely perhaps it does not matter whether he is related to the tissue’s shape, if he, in turn, examines the market for DJ for wedding, Jukebox or Bands Wedding

Give him a real influence if you want his opinion and be prepared to make room for it. No one wants to make their contribution if every time just being “overruled.”

Show him confidence. If you ask him to stand for something then trust that he is doing well enough and do not check him. It is deadly for motivation

dream weddingMake firm agreements about when you talk wedding, for example, one evening a month or one evening a week and stick to it. So you can afford to demand that he is on during this time while in return promise to wed free zone the remaining evenings. The frequency of wedding nights can be changed when you approach the wedding, where you will probably need more time to get the last details in place

Make it something cozy when it comes to wedding detail-talk at the table. Make a girlfriend evening out with good food, wine, candles and good time together

When your husband should not / will attend the wedding planning

Enjoy that you can determine quite even and only need to agree with yourself about hue, favor boxes and fill in the wedding cake

Enjoy that you can plan, cutting and pasting, etc. Whenever it suits you, you are not dependent on it also has to fit into his schedule

Engage your mother-in-law, sister or your girlfriends in wedding planning and outlet for all your wedding fantasies with them

If you do not have an obvious partner in your circle, and you can not quite see the advantage of stand-alone planning, consider hiring a professional wedding coordinator. Find your wedding coordinator in our shopping guide

And last but certainly not least, create a profile on Wedding Klars amazing wedding forum. There is always good advice, good inputs and lots of sparring to download

When you already have a very committed H2B:

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule and men with a distinctly planlægningsgen and also loves to potter with small do-it-yourself projects. And if you are so lucky to have ended up with one of them, give him a big kiss and feel a little lucky.

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