The world of wedding invitations

HI Christine again with some help, for you on getting the right Wedding Invitation to send out to your friends and loved ones.

Choosing the right kind of wedding invitations can be quite a chore.

You know pretty much who you want to invite from your side of the family. But what about your intended’s friends and family?

Do you go with formal, funny, or generic?

Today we’re going to look at some different styles that might strike a chord that resonates with what you want, think, and feel about how you want your invitations to look like.

A Million of Styles of Invitations. Oh My!

There over a million designs out there for wedding invitations that in itself make my mind go GaGa.(Not Lady either)


So let’s start out tour simply:


A plain unadorned card in a plain envelope with a simple message in block letters giving the particulars with an acceptance card and a return envelope with a stamp.


This is about as basic as it gets. This is the no frills approach and my husband liked it almost at once when we were looking to send out ours.

Fortunately, my mother took over this chore for us and instead we got…


Gilded invitations with fine calligraphy giving the details and specifics of the wedding and colorful envelopes to return the acceptance cards to return them in.

She was paying for it for us so, my husband to be for once bit his tongue and left mom to do her thing.

Then, later I got curious and went out on my own to see what was out in cyberspace (an old term now days for the Cloud) and was flabbergasted at what I found.


I found an entire world devoted just to wedding invitations


l There are Websites devoted to antique scroll wedding invitations and on parchment or linen paper no less.


l Others are gilded with real gold and silver. This was of course way out of my league, but for some…


l Different colors and paper types from velum and high-grade paper to paper that looked suitable for a copy machine.


l This was enough to floor me. So I continued lurking and poking about.


l Ribbons, bows, and wax seals galore sealed the envelopes.


l Lace Weeding Invitations have their own sites.


l Graphics were next and in any design you could imagine can grace the background of the message and envelop as well.


Whatever theme you want is available. A friend just had her wedding done in a Game of Thrones motif and her invitations were done up in Dothracki script with a translation for us normal folk. Turns out there is a complete Dothracki language that was invented for the show. This was co-opted for doing her wedding invitations. The wedding will be held in tradition Dothracki costumes as well. I’ve yet to see what I am to wear. My husband says he will go along with it all, as long as he gets to have a sword.


l But the Christian Wedding and traditional western styles of graphics and fonts dominates and even though we are in a multicultural world today, it has not seemed to make it out into the mainstream web for wedding invitations as yet.


l For those who are having a Catholic/Buddhist wedding (yes. Virgina, I said Catholic) you might have to go to Chinatown for paper, Envelopes, and wedding dresses.


l Other wedding styles such as Hindi with the Henna tattooing and Indian invitations you might have to go to the Hindi part of town. Interest in things India has been on the rise since the Obama Family came home from India.


l In the 60’s, it was quite common to have mixed weddings done in Hindi fashion. Sanskrit wedding invitations can be bought now at many stationary and specialty stores.


l In cities like Chicago you can see this as well as Pakistani wedding invitations on sale on the North Side of the city.


l For those who are of the Muslim faith or Arabic backgrounds you can get invitations in many of the major cities in America such as Houston, unbelievably.


l In fact, no matter what ethnicity or faith you follow you’ll find wedding invitations to fit your particular need.


That may be the one thing that brings peace to this troubled world is the fact, everyone has weddings and wedding invitations go across all ethnic and racial barriers, because everyone wants to celebrate someone’s new happiness.


Some really unusual Ways to go about Sending out your wedding invitations

l I saw a mathematician’s wedding invite go out and it was in the shape of a hexagon and was called a Hexaflexagon. When you folded it, a certain way it opened out and you could read the invitation hidden inside.


l In Japanese specialty stores all over America, you can get Origami wedding invitations, which not only convey beautiful Haiku wedding messages but also are in themselves works of art.


l Nowadays with the Cloud and the SmartPhones, wedding Invitations can have almost any look and feel imaginable. Facebook, Twitter wedding invitations go out daily to iPhones and other mobile devices.


l With Adobe and other graphics packages your imagination runs wild with the themes and colors available in doing your own customer invitations as well.


l Music videos with Computer Game movie segments are sent out now by those in the online gaming community, as wedding invitations.


My exploration of wedding invitations led me to wonder what they will look like only a few years down the road. Will we even use paper anymore? Will we have gone to a paperless society? Even now as you are reading this the use of pen and paper is falling by the wayside and even the teaching of penmanship is being abandoned in favor of the keyboard and mouse.

The ornate writing done only a few hundred years ago is only done now by a very few by hand and the rest of us use computers to use the same fonts with spending the years to gain the skill to write calligraphy any more.

Will our children even know what a written wedding invitation is in 5 or 10 years?

It’s great we have so many options to express our thoughts to those we wish to celebrate a wedding. But, it is sad too that the skills to make it beautiful are falling into disuse.


Some thoughts on wedding invitations from Christine the Wedding Gal.


Til Next Time

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