Shabby chic wedding invitations

What little girl doesn’t dream of yards and yards of lace everywhere on her wedding day? From a beautiful wedding gown to the bridesmaids’ dresses to…heck, you’ll even put your groom in one of those frilly Poet’s shirts if he’ll let you! And the wedding invitations go without saying. Nothing is more romantic than a personalized invitation to your special event, trimmed with lace. There are so many styles to choose from, everything from the softest hint of lace decoration printed on the invitation, to real lace detailing. It’s elegant, classy, and oh-so-feminine.

A recent trend that has become surprisingly popular is the burlap-and-lace invitation. Not exactly a texture combo you would have thought of, but it really does work. Especially if your fiancee isn’t too keen on the idea of completely checked-out invitations with all that lace and floral crap. Give him his respect and allow him to have input. After all, it’s HIS special day too. Just remember to pack your most seductive burlap granny-gown for the honeymoon. Y’know, in keeping with the theme and all.

Check out some of these modern burlap-and-lace wedding invitation designs:


Pretty impressive, huh? And no groom in his right mind would say no to those.

But what if you’re one of those lucky girls who’s hubby-to-be tells you to go for it, that anything you choose he will be happy with. Well, that’s when you go whole-hog nuts with lace for days, with THE most beautiful, most feminine wedding invitations out there:


And can you believe, EDIBLE LACE INVITATIONS::


How groovy is THAT idea? Saves money on a wedding cake. Guests just nosh on their invitations at the reception.


Everything has become almost ‘business-like’ these days when it comes to weddings, it seems. No frills, very formal, clean lines and plain design on everything right down to the wedding gown in some cases. Nothing wrong with that, if that is your preference and taste. Ultra-formal weddings can be breathtaking of course. It is all about your individualism both as a bride and as a couple. It is your special day, all about what you want. But in my own humble opinion, there is nothing like a few lacy wispy touches here and there to make a wedding a memorable, romantic event. And if you don’t want to go overboard with it, you maybe just want a few touches of lace here and there, the invitations are the perfect place to have that. Formal, elegant, AND so romantic. What a beautiful memento to show your daughter and granddaughters one day. In fact, I have a friend, a widow, who remarried back in the summer. Well, she did not want a full-blown all-the-bells-and-whistles shindig again since she’d had that for her first marriage. But she had used lace wedding invitations for her first wedding and she loved them and wanted to go that route again for her second wedding, but much less formal. So she and her daughter, granddaughter, and two nieces, made invitations by hand. Her daughter is an expert calligrapher so she wrote all the details on beautiful ivory vellum, and then each invitation was customized with lace embellishment: some had a beautiful white lace trim, some were wrapped in a bit of ivory lace secured with a small pendant or button, some had a lace ribbon tied around them. Each invitation was unique, no two were the same. They made an event out of the invitation-making itself, taking pictures and setting aside items for a special scrapbook. Afterward they hand-delivered all of the invitations they could and mailed the rest to out-of-town guests, and then went out for a nice dinner to wrap up a perfect day. Now THERE’S a lasting memory made! Not to mention the most special and unique invitations imaginable, made with love.


The important thing to remember, again, is that this is YOUR event, and it is all about YOU. If you want to cover every pew in the cathedral in lace then, by all means, do so; if the only lace you want in your ceremony is a bit tied around your bridal bouquet stems, so be it. Either way, lace invitations, and accessories can add a delicate touch to your wedding without being overwhelming. Even if you hadn’t considered using invitations kissed with lace before, please take a few minutes to look through just a few styles. I’m willing to bet you will find something that will take your breath away.

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