Ah, the wedding gown. Silk, satin, lace, pearls. Is there anything that can hold a candle to the dreamy experience of shopping for your wedding dress?



Dear Lord, think about it! THE ultimate reason to shop til you drop for shoes not only for yourself but your bridesmaids. Trying on one pair after another, looking for the perfect style to compliment your dress and the dresses of your attendants, DYEABLES for goodness sake! Heels, flats, ballerina slippers, the possibilities are endless! Let’s go shopping!

Let’s start out tame. Bridal flats:





Comfort, style, and beauty, whether you prefer a style with simple, clean lines or a cute pair with beautiful embellishments. A lovely pair of bridal flats will ensure your comfort on your special day so that your attention can be on panicking about something other than your feet going numb!

Or, if you want to be just a bit more formal without feeling like you’re going to topple over at any moment, how about a 2″-3″ heel, commonly known as a kitten heel. With a cute name like that, you know these shoes will give you warm fuzzies all day long:





For all you rocking brides out there, how about shaking things up a little with a pair of Doc Martens? Cowboy boots have become so overused, but I have yet to see a bride walking down the aisle in a pair of vintage Docs. How fun and original would that be? Here are some styles:




ant to go all-out, full-fledged diva on your wedding day? Let’s go with some long, tall, secksay heels for the bride:






I must admit the thought of spending my wedding day trying to appear graceful and comfortable in some of those sky-high heels gives me night terrors. But, there are certainly a large number of you wild-and-crazy types out there who are more than happy to suffer for beauty. I myself am more inclined to make beauty suffer for ME. I do not consider myself an unreasonable woman by any stretch of the imagination, but we are talking about shoes here, and not just ANY old shoes-BRIDAL SHOES. Don’t let the pair of shoes I fall madly, passionately in love with on sight be available in every size except mine, because I WILL be making that shoe fit. Luckily, we won’t have this issue with the bridesmaids’ shoes.

Will we?

After all, the bridesmaids have the easy option of choosing a simple style they love and then having the shoes dyed to match their dresses. What could be more straightforward?

Except that Darlene wants to wear the same style as Michelle, but Michelle picked them out first and didn’t want anyone else wearing the same style as her. And Louise found a darling style right away, but she wants to have them dyed a color that will be complimentary to the dress but not match it exactly. She suggested silver. Um, nooo. You have everything mentally coordinated down to the finest detail, and you want your bridesmaid’s dresses to match their puce dresses perfectly.

What’s that you say?

Yes, puce.

It is too a color! It’s a mixture of like, brown and purple and pink. It is considered to be a very classy and formal color choice. Unfortunately, not a single one of your five bridesmaids like or want to wear something that is PUCE. And there really aren’t a whole lot of colors out there that are complimentary to puce. The Maid of Honor even tried to talk you out of those puce-colored dresses, but they looked so beautiful in the salon window with the sunlight hitting them! Shoes dyed to match would simply just be to die for. It’s starting to look like you may have to go just a wee tad Bridezilla on these ladies about their shoes. The color MUST match the dress! And Daniela is in complete agreement with you as to the color, but she has chosen a pair of 5-inch stiletto heels that definitely scream, “Point me to the pole!”, and while you DID give each of your ladies free reign to choose their own style, Daniela IS 5’10, so those shoes are going to make her taller than you, taller than your groom…taller than the gazebo you’re getting married in! Maybe they will still only have that one pair in her size when the two of you go to make your final shoe purchases on Wednesday. It will be a shame when one of the heels just breaks right off on the morning of the wedding, you think, as you slip a flat head screwdriver into your purse. It will be such a stroke of luck that you just so happened to purchase an extra pair of shoes, entirely coincidental of course, that are her size and are dyed to match your dreamy bridesmaids’ dresses perfectly. When planning one’s wedding even down to the smallest detail, one must be willing to sabotage one’s own wedding if necessary. But only to the point that a last-minute shoe-switcharoo now has to take place and voila! You just so happen to have this perfect pair of 2″ heels for Daniela to wear. What a thoughtful bride you are!

Shouldn’t comfort be the number-one detail in the shoes chosen for any and everyone?? You are going to be the center of attention on your special day, and if you are in misery because you now have a blister on your second toe that is so fat and obnoxious it is starting to resemble Mt. Rushmore. You are never going to be able to relax and have fun at your wedding! My advice? Put as much effort and care into finding shoes that are already comfortable (not having to “break them in”) for yourself and your attendants as you do into choosing your dream wedding gown. You are going to look breathtaking in your dress; you ]want to float down the aisle practically, not lurch like Quasimodo doing the Humpty Dance because those dead precious shoes you just couldn’t live without for your big day are slowly but surely sloughing the flesh from the bones in your feet. Comfort, ladies, comfort! The perfect pair of shoes IS out there, and it will be yours. Oh yes, it WILL be YOURS!