Mother of the bride gifts

Your wedding day has finally arrived! Leisurely climbing out of bed and looking out the window, you see that the sun is shining, and there’s not a cloud in the sky. Everything is going to go off without a hitch when you get hitched! (Ok, ok, even I had to roll my eyes at that stinker). But the day you’ve always dreamed of is here. So, why is someone running around downstairs wailing like a banshee about a spot on the tablecloth? And…was that the caterer’s assistant that just went running down the driveway crying? What on earth is going on down there? Has everyone gone crazy?

No. Not everyone. Just your mother.

The. Mother. Of. The. Bride. 

mother of the bride gifts

You have dealt with your panic attacks and onsets of nerves and crying fits in the months leading up to today, and now you are the picture of serenity. Your mother, on the other hand, will be experiencing each and every one of these emotions all in one day. And that day is today. Her BABY GIRL is getting married (and even if you are not the baby of the family, rest assured that you are still HER BABY GIRL, who is getting married!). The magnitude of the event alone is enough to bring on hysterics of every kind. Add to that the hundred or so guests who will be descending soon, each one offering happy thoughts and hugs to your mother as she tries to remain upright, smiling, and clinically sane throughout this incredible, joyous nightmare. Even in the midst of these realizations, you’re smiling. You must know that the gift you and your fiancee have chosen for the mother of the bride will make her so happy she will calm right down and be back to her usual composed self.

Yep, you can’t wait for her to open that beautiful locket you’ve gotten for her, the one with the engraving from the photo of her holding you the day they brought you home from the hospital and the inscription on the back that reads, “Forever, your little girl.” Fantastic choice. I hope you have some smelling salts handy. A bottle of Bourbon wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Just in case you’ve had the wherewithal to think ahead and realize this MIGHT not be the best time for a gift like this (Mother’s Day maybe?), let’s take a look at some other choices for a Mother of the Bride gift that won’t require Mama to be medicated on your big day:

Something engraved is indeed a nice gift choice, but maybe something more along the lines of a jewelry box engraved with your and your groom’s name and the wedding date, but with a unique personal message-not TOO personal!-since It’s for your mother. And including a beautiful charm bracelet inside would be a nice touch. Consider an add-a-charm bracelet with a special charm given on your wedding day to start it off, and then give her a new bead to celebrate future milestones in your life and hers.

Since Mom has been under quite a bit of stress herself, why not treat her to a day spa? Making it a girl’s day for just the two of you would make it very special for her, and it would be a nice way to treat yourself as well after months of wedding planning. Give her a card with a gift certificate inside and let her know it will be a mother-daughter day. Consider adding a nice brunch to the deal.

Does your mom like music? Is one of her favorite performers coming to town shortly? A pair of tickets would be a great gift. A little unorthodox, but not so much if you hide them inside a beautiful frame containing a favorite picture of the two of you. Have someone ready to snap a photo of you and your mother together on the morning of your wedding, mid-preparation, and sneaking out to get a quick print made at some point early on in the day. Enlist their help with putting it into the frame with the concert tickets hidden inside and wrapping it. Wait until a weel or so after the wedding (or sooner, depending on the date of the show), and call your mother and casually suggest that she take the photo out of the frame. Two gifts in one, very personalized and thoughtful.

Consider a gift from one of the many “of-the-month” clubs that are available now. Cake of the Month, Wine of the Month, Flowers of the Month, the choices are endless. They will deliver a gift to your mother each month for a specified period, usually three months, six months, or a year. Mom will have a reason to smile every month when her treat arrives. The happy memories of your wedding day will last for many months to come.

mother of the bride giftsHow about a living gift? Besides the future grandbabies, that is? On the day of your wedding, plant a sapling in your parents’ yard. At the base of that tree place a gardening rock decorated with a happy saying and the date. You’ve created an amazing gift. One your children will climb on someday; one your parents will sit under in the cool summer shade one day. How much more special could a gift be?

Of course, you may wish to go a bit more personal and traditional, and that’s fine. A beautiful set of Rosary beads in an engraved keepsake box personalized with your name and wedding date, or a Bible in a wooden case inscribed with a scripture that holds a special meaning for you. A lovely plaque with room for a marriage portrait to be added to a ‘Thank You’ poem just for her, for all the things she’s done for you throughout your life. The choices are endless. Originality is the key. A gift inscribed with a personal message will let her know that even though you’re a grown-up married lady now, you will always be her little girl.

Just be ready with those smelling salts and a few boxes of tissues when you do.

And the Bourbon. For goodness’ sake don’t forget the Bourbon.

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