Mother of the bride gift ideas

A gift for the mother in law

Wedding is a special occasion with gifts pouring in from all friends and relatives. I feel the gifts for mother of the bride must be given a lot of attention. Women are very much attracted and sentimental to photos. I have seen people gifting a photo frame. In most of the cases, the photo frame is given empty. This is a classic gift. At the end of the wedding, a photo of the couple is inserted into the photo frame. This gift gives a lot of joy to the parents of the bride. They will cherish that picture for the entire life. I have also seen a couple presenting a photo frame with the marriage photo of their parents. This could be a good surprise for the mother of the bride. Photos form a sign of remembrance and bring in old memories. I prefer the way of gifting an empty photo frame.

Embroidered handkerchief

mother of the bride giftsAn embroidered handkerchief is more sentimental. I have seen hankies given a wonderful message or a poem resembling the bond between the bride and her daughter. This gift is a lovely gesture and a sentimental one. I have seen mother’s cry on receiving this gift. This is very close to the heart.





mother of the bride giftsClothes are always the best gift. I have seen in marriages bride giving her mother a similar dress for her wedding gown. Women are always excited about the gorgeous robes and gowns. This gift is often on the luxurious side, but it is worth a gift for the mother of the bride. In most of the marriages that I have seen, the mother of the bride wears an expensive robe. Clothes are always a sentimental gift for the mother of the bride.




Personal gifts

mother of the bride giftsPersonalization has become a common aspect in gifting these days. Text bowls have become a favorite mother of the bride gift ideas. I have seen custom made,hand-drawn portraits on bowls resembling a favorite memorable moment. Usually, bowls are made of clay but now with the advancements, porcelain and other materials are used. Instead of hand drawing, pictures are engraved in the bowls. The most popular are the printing of the couple photos in the coffee cup with some inspiring text. This remembers the most special moment and is mostly kept in the showcase. I have seen people working in offices preferring such personalized gifts on special occasions. I notice such bowls in the work desks of the employees. This is an interesting idea of a gift to the bride’s mother.




mother of the bride giftsBooks are given as gifts for the bride mothers. Books are given as a kind gesture, and novels are preferred. I have seen a lot of fantasy related books being gifted to the mothers. I observed books like Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, etc.. being gifted mostly. This gift is unique to book lovers. If you gift a book to a person with no habit of reading, then the gift will be a waste. Hence, the tastes and interests of the person must be known before gifting them a book or any other item.



Trinket boxes

mother of the bride giftsTrinket boxes are another favorite gift. I have seen many brides presenting necklaces to their mothers in the wedding. The lockets in the necklace mostly contain the baby picture of the bride and the photo of the mother. These are kept as a treasure, and some mothers prefer wearing them all the time in remembrance of their baby girls. I have discussed some of the popular gifts for mother of the bride. There are much more close personal gifts to give. I did a small research on the price of the various gift items. I discuss them as follows



Crystal vase

mother of the bride giftsI have seen an engraved crystal vase of Italian make in most of the houses. On a little inquiry, I came to know that these were gifted. These vases are available at a price of 40 euros. I think this is an affordable and attractive gift. Trinket boxes cost around 30 euros. Photo frames are available at a cost of 20 euros. Personalized Bracelets for moms are available from 25 euros. Personalized clock based photos and wedding photo frames are available at a price of 20 euros. Wine glasses cost 40 euros. These are some common and inexpensive gifts that can be given as a gift to the mother of the bride.

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