A Humorous Look At Gifts For The Mother In Law

Hi my name is Christine and having a mother in law is a fact of life, and some people have found amusing ways to show either their acceptance of this fact or their denial of it.

It often shows in the gift ideas and things given to the mother of the groom as well.

Let me take you on a lighthearted tour of the most interesting items that are thought up. We’ll also look at the mother in law gifts that have been given by others, contemplated giving, or those you might want to give your mother in law.


One of the favorites, of course, is the gift of travel. I found some exotic destinations, I got others from my readers, and you might want to send your mother in law to one of these scenic destinations like:

Cancun Mexico – At the height of the hurricane season is always nice.

Thailand – was a popular destination during the recent upheavals and the Bangkok airport was closed.

Galapagos Islands – For a vacation trip to get her away from it all and maybe staying away as well.

Honeymoon – Vegas for her, while you and your spouse go to the Caribbean.

Mogadishu Somalia – Get her away from all the strife in the city to a place where cities are almost non-existent, and the government is a dream.

Mexico – has numerous fun places like Juarez, the Murder Capital of the world. Let your Mother in law knows what you think of her.

North Korea – is beautiful this time of year and they often arrest foreigners as spies and hold them for years. Make sure your mother in law has a nice camera with a telephoto lens to take pictures with.

Papua New Guinea – is off the beaten track and is the home of former cannibals, who enjoy having foreign tourist coming to their villages for dinner.

India – Land of the Taj Mahal, where the President and his family just returned from, and home to one of the last head-hunting tribes on the Indian subcontinent.

The Konyak Naga (Naga means snake) Tribe who live on the border between India and Myanmar. This idyllic setting with its beautiful rainforests is the perfect place for a holiday for your mother in law.

Columbia – Stay away from Bogotá and instead send her on a nature vacation to the heart of the Amazon where she can meet the lost tribes of the Amazon Rainforest. This could be the adventure of a lifetime.

South America – is also home to many lost cities rumored to be filled with gold. This opens up other possibilities for a mother in law trip, such as to the mysterious city of Z where Col. Fawcett vanished in the 20’s.

Sri Lanka – Tickets to participate in the Annual Firewalking Ceremony.

Spain – is nice, especially during the “Running of the Bulls.”

United Emirates – A hotel suite at Hydropolis, the hotel under the sea in Dubai, where she can live with the fish.

Hawaii – is wonderful during the Kilauea Festival. Don’t forget the tour of the live volcano.

Nepal – Yoga lessons on the peak of Mount Everest.

Antarctica – Let her go Whale watching, at the Edge of the World, in 80 below zero weather.

Moon – SpaceX is selling tickets for a vacation to the Moon. Romantic as it is always a full moon when you’re there.

Classes in Netherlands with Wim Hof the “Iceman”, she can see how her cold heart stand up to real cold.

A scenic tour of Detroit during “Devil’s Night”, October 30th, though it has calmed down a lot since the 90’s.

Colorado- Whitewater Rafting. After this, you can say legitimacy “She’s all Wet” and get away with it.

Florida – Shark fishing in the Gulf or the Atlantic Ocean, I’ll leave the choice up to you, which is more suitable.


Gifts are next on the list.

Giving more tangible gifts are next on the list of things you can present yours. I feel gives say what the heart feels. This list of excellent gifts says it all.


I feel Tee Shirts are always a wonderful Gift, especially with sentiments like:


“Mother of The Groom: I’m just here to Nod.”


“M.I.L.F, Mother In Law Forever”


“DANGER – Mother of the Groom”


“World’s Best Mother-In-Law, #DEALWITHIT.”


“Today my puppy drank from the Toilet, ate from the Cat Box, and Then Licked My Mother In Law’s Face. I smiled throughout Dinner.”


I feel, however, that are so many other gifts that also need mentioning, such as:


A bed of nails for her bad back shipped all the way from India.


Give your Mother in law free lessons in Firewalking.


Another fave of mine is Sky Diving Lessons.


Scuba lessons off the Great Barrier Reef during Shark Week.


A set of unbreakable china for your mother, for when she loses it after seeing your new husband.


Give her an Aquarium with a large Oscar in it.


Others have found Beta’s to be equally soothing as well.


If she still doesn’t get it a Piranha in a tank with no top.


Giving a spitting Cobra could backfire on you as you might wake up with it in your bed.


Nix the idea, of giving your mother in law a Python or Alligator too.


I always feel that if you give a gift, it should be something that either can’t be used against you or on you for that matter.


Hence, never give cutlery or silverware sets. The forks are pointy, and the knives’ are very sharp.


This also leaves out shooting lessons and archery equipment as well. Cupid didn’t use real arrows.


I actually love my Mother in law. She cares for me like a daughter (I think), and today I hope you enjoyed poking fun at the mother in law gifts.


But, we all know without them we wouldn’t have the spouses we have today.


So, Remember that when you are buying a gift for your mother in law and let you’re conscious be your guide.


Till Next time



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