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A Humorous Look At Gifts For The Mother In Law

Hi my name is Christine and having a mother in law is a fact of life, and some people have found amusing ways to show either their acceptance of this fact or their denial of it. It ... Continue Reading →

Mother of the bride gift ideas

Wedding is a special occasion with gifts pouring in from all friends and relatives. I feel the gifts for mother of the bride must be given a lot of attention. Women are very much attracted ... Continue Reading →

Shabby chic wedding invitations

What little girl doesn’t dream of yards and yards of lace everywhere on her wedding day? From a beautiful wedding gown to the bridesmaids’ dresses to…heck, you’ll ... Continue Reading →

The world of wedding invitations

HI Christine again with some help, for you on getting the right Wedding Invitation to send out to your friends and loved ones. Choosing the right kind of wedding invitations can be ... Continue Reading →

Christian wedding invitations

Preparing for a ceremony is always fun, and when it’s about your wedding, don’t sit around and wait for your family members and friends to do the tasks for you. You don’t get ... Continue Reading →

Lace wedding invitations

Not too many people envision a wedding without automatically having lace come to mind. Sometimes gobs of it. Whether it’s yards and yards of delicate, feminine lace is woven into ... Continue Reading →

Mother of the bride gifts

Your wedding day has finally arrived! Leisurely climbing out of bed and looking out the window, you see that the sun is shining, and there’s not a cloud in the sky. Everything ... Continue Reading →

Dream wedding

Their dream wedding may need to be held soon, and it’s not always easy to get everything to fit together. The fact that men are from Mars and women from Venus is perhaps a cliché ... Continue Reading →